OKSINIA-Educational centre was founded in 1992.


–  All year courses in English, German, French,

Spanish, Russian.

–  All ages and levels according to the Common European Framework – from absolute beginners to Proficiency.

ž Children Language school

Language courses for children and teenagers –

– 2, 5 – 18 years old;

ž  Language courses for adults – year-round courses – intensive and extensive;

ž Preparation for Cambridge Certificates

ž Summer language programmes both for children and adults

ž Studying English in Malta

ž Language teaching for kids at Public Kindergartens

We prvide:

ž small groups of 4 to 8 students

ž one-to-one tuition and tailor-made lessons

ž highly qualified and well-trained staff

Oksinia is accredited by OPTIMA (Bulgarian Association of quality language services).


– day care for 1-7 years old kids

– activities for 3-12 years old children:

Kung Fu To’a classes,

Music and piano classes,


Theatre and Art classes

– Speech Therapist and Psychologist
– Summer camps: “Children jungle” in the town (3-12 years old)


Distribution of Eli (European Language institute) materials in 6 languages and language consulting.



Suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old

each weekday from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm at
„Oksinia“ Kid’s Center

Join us  from 26 May to 14 September at any time, period specified by you.
This realm of entertainment, adventures, games and education is located in the metropolitan district of Mladost-3, a very convenient and easily-accessible place.

The best place for a child to have fun and learn a lot about the world.


9.00 a.m. – The day starts with wakening up – a great jungle “shake up”.

9.30 a.m. – Then comes the turn of the „theme of the day”: jungle-dwellers take in information about the surrounding world in an enjoyable way

11.00 a.m. – Language time: games, stories, roleplays in a foreign language (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian).

12.30 p.m. – Lunch time: kids on duty serve warm jungle lunch, during which everyone should show their ability to empty their dishes.

1.00 p.m. – Time for quiet relaxation: reading books, listening to interesting stories, myths and legends.

2.00 p.m. – Science time: Laboratories of imagination and experiments

4.00 p.m. – Outdoor games

Every Friday the Junglemobile takes children to natural or historic sites outside Sofia, where a variety of activities such as horse riding, canoeing, hiking, visiting old monasteries and temples are offered and if it is very hot, the jungle kids have fun by a pool.
At the end of each month  (in the jungle), the most prestigious competition takes place. Jungle boys and girls demonstrate capabilities, competing to be crowned  Miss and Mister Jungle.

The kids should get familiar  with the main Jungle rules

As soon as your kid turns into a jungle child, everyone has to know  it is great to know its laws: not to growl loudly; to remember that the jungle is not just for him or her but for you and all of us; not to eat the neighbour’s bananas; to listen to the lions and many other essentials which are a must for the jungle newcomers. Jungle more experienced and older residents clarify with relish the list of rules for the new kids.

But this is not all your children can  experience in Oksinia: during spring and winter school holidays kids can enjoy themselves with us having lessons in skiing and falling on the slopes of Vitosha

Conditions for admission:
1. Parents familiarize with the detailed programme of the Jungle
2. Parents complete an enrollment form
3. Parents complete an agreement on the terms of accommodation, education, entertainment and recreation for children. They indicate if there are specific requirements concerning the stay of the child and book their child’s stay.

  1. Children’s Centre only accepts healthy children. In case of illness a letter from the doctor is necessary.
  2. Things to bring: indoor shoes, a sun hat, a spare set of clothes for younger kids.

Additional activities available /(apart the jungle time):

  1. Kung fu To’a classes
  2. Music and piano classes
  3. Theatre classes

Аt your disposal are a Speech therapist and  a Psychologist


There is a range of different ways of payment to choose from to suit individual client’s needs:
Package price for 1 week / month – daytime stay – 144 / 480 lv
Lunch and afternoon snack (optional), paid extra  – 5,10 lv per day

Package includes:

A daily stay and activities specified in the programme

Every Friday – a trip outside Sofia

The payment is based оn the period of stay and intended additional services.

Hourly and full day child care

Working time: 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. weekdays

Center for early development and foreign language learning for  very young children

The day care center provides a complete care for your child: you choose when to come and the stay time.

The staff is well trained and Speech therapist and Psychologist are at your disposal.

Freshly prepared warm lunch and afternoon snack, as well as place for afternoon nap are available.

The program is carried out in the morning during the half-day children care with lessons performed under a schedule.

The children can attend the full course of lessons or just specific ones according to their needs and parents’ wishes. The lessons are conducted in a game-like, child-friendly manner, (i. e. learning tasks are called in during a game,) making it possible for children to cope with  everything the program offers and to reach the set objectives.

Program for children 1 to 7 years old

General information

On every visit the children will participate in various games intended for development of psychological aspects: attitude, memory, thinking, comprehension, imagination, speech. The children will have practical experience in sensory development, they will develop mathematical abilities as well as performing sets of physical exercises intended for stimulating intellectual development, they will also develop their creativity through painting, crafts, construction games. They will learn to speak properly, think logically, remember, concentrate, count, read, communicate, be independent and know facts about the environment.

Early foreign language learning

This is an essential part of the early development program for children. The children will submerge in a foreign language environment and they will start learning the foreign language like their mother tongue. The program is in a game-like manner resembling children’s every day activities typical of their age and corresponding to their life experience and needs. The children will develop positive attitude towards the language, they will master correct pronunciation, they will adapt to speech and grammatical models in a natural way and consequently they will be prepared for first grade foreign language curriculum (reading and writing ).

Speech therapist:

If you have observed that your child is not able to pronounce some sounds or cannot pronounce them clearly, don’t panic. Nowadays about 80% of children have some speech disorders. A visit to a speech therapist on time can help you distinguish the problem after a diagnostic test and you can be given advice on further action. An early therapy, when your child is at pre-school age, has the best results. In this way you can avoid further obstacles to first-grade students learning to write. Not dealing with the problem on time can later lead to psychological discomfort.


Deeply involved in our busy and stressful daily life, we don’t often pay attention to our children’s loneliness. Bombarded with huge amount of information, youngsters can’t process, sort and absorb it selectively without help. They feel puzzled and lack of understanding and assistance by their family can provoke serious behavioural and psychological problems, especially in puberty. If you are worried about your child’s isolation,  difficulty with socialisation or outbursts of aggressiveness or you can’t find a way to communicate properly with them and discuss their fears and worries, look for professional advice and visit a psychologist.

If you need any help, just call us!